Annabel Mantle has lived around the Mawddach Estuary for most of her life arriving here at the age of 11 and has never wanted to be away for long, always appreciating the beauty of her surroundings and having a love of art from an early age.

Annabel was brought up with ceramics and learned her craft through her parents’ popular pottery business, Bryn Melin Studio. Annabel also worked at the pottery studio at Corris Craft Centre. The family business thrived and continued trading until 2007 when her parents retired and Annabel decided to re-name the business Bryn Glas Ceramics. With help from her sister, Louise, and husband, Pete, Annabel has continued to make the most popular products along with new designs of her own.

Working at home in her converted cow shed, Annabel makes ceramic wall plaques and small hand sculpted animals often using white earthenware clay, tints, stains and glazes. She uses a brown stoneware clay for bowls and plaques and also slip casts some pieces. All of her press moulds and some of the casting moulds are designed and made by her, so are totally unique.