Beekeepers, Paul and Pauline Aslin, live in Arthog, near Dolgellau, in Southern Snowdonia. Looking after approximately 35 colonies of honeybees in 6 locations, they regularly attend local farmers’ markets and village fairs, and give talks to local groups.

Paul organises beekeeper training for the Meirionnydd Beekeepers Association and works as a bee inspector for the National Bee Unit during the summer months. Pauline is currently Secretary of the Meirionnydd Beekeepers Association.

Paul and Pauline started making candles, polish and skin creams, as they were accumulating beeswax from their hives too precious to throw away. They harvest any used wax from old combs and clean it up by melting and straining, with most ‘contaminants’ remaining in the unrefined, unbleached wax. Just as with honey, every batch of wax is different and will have slightly different properties. All their products are hand-made in small batches at home to age-old, uncomplicated recipes.