Tyr Pinder

Tyr was born in Cleveland, Ohio and received a BA in ceramics from Cleveland State University where

she also studied comparative religion, African art, philosophy, bronze casting, French and whatever else was interesting at the time.

Travel, art and culture have been strong influences on Tyr’s pottery. The colours of the desert in Utah, the ice sheet of Antarctica, the vibrancy of Bali and the spiritual nature of a Tibetan monastery are all embedded in her work.

In her workshop in the heart of the Coed y Brenin forest, Tyr creates a range of functional ceramics from rich terracotta clay decorated with colourful slips and glazes. Each piece is made of earth and water, transformed by fire and imbued with the spirit of the organic farm where she lives with various animals including her beloved dog Roscoe and world famous goose Peeper.

Tyr’s work has been sold in Craft Council galleries all over the UK, at Liberty’s in London and has even found its way into HRH Queen Elizabeth’s ceramics collection.

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