Tony Vine  –  A Passion For Rocks
During a cupboard
clear-out in 1997,
Tony Vine unearthed a
long-forgotten gift of
a simple tumble stone
polisher and,
alongside it, a sandcastle
bucket of
stones collected from
Llandudno beach by his
children many years
Eight weeks later, the
first batch of stones
gleamed brightly and
Tony was hooked – what
began as a mild curiosity developed into a passion
for the hidden beauty within so many seemingly drab
stones. Almost
entirely self-taught
from books published
in the 50s and 60s,
Tony started with
simple tumble stones
to cabochon
decorative wall art,
and now Steampunk
In 2005 Tony left
the corporate world
to commit fully to
the wonderful art of
Tel: 01244 570048 email:

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